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 A tactic i think is good

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KonQuest Pro
KonQuest Pro

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PostSubject: A tactic i think is good   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:14 am

how come we dont have any Twins in our clan? i know there used to be like Cavallier and like NapoleonVll but like.. why dont we have any twins?

i think Twins have a higher chance of winning in Cw because, if they have same name and armor the Oposing team will get confused on who they're shooting at, thus lowering our possibility of losing.

How did i get this idea?

Well.. on my 3rd alt account, i went and Helped Flux c war a bit trying to raise there score and i won 2 out of the 4 games.. pretty bad but not horrible right?

But anyways, on our 3rd game we Fought a clan called [RN]Mexicans (something like that) and we noticed the characters names were like lllRenicancellll (something like that) and they both were wearing sir Protector set.

Armor u can wear:

i highly Suggest a mix combination on like Deities/Desertflame/gray dust/eternal blue/ and gunners heaven for a very balanced AP and Hp.

POINT OF THIS THREAD: Well.. Since they clan score thingy gets reseted every monrth, i think that it would be easier for us to Get closer to the top 10 by Doing what i said... (As mentioned in paragraphs 1-3)

NOTE: u dont have to follow these ideas, this was just a suggestion i thought would be nice Since 90% of us in this clan can afford PREMS


xXxKevxXx-- U pennyless noob! go buy prems!! NOW!! (JK) just do surverys k?
[DJ]SunnerZ--Buy new prems xD

OTHERS:if u dont have prems, i suggest u try ur best to get some, as it makes this game a WHOLE lot easier!

Please Avoid stuff like... "Trading 500kills for Desert flame set!" as 99.99% of these ppl doing that are trying to scam u.. thus lowering ur k/d Ratio

~Sincerly, Flinch/Nullify
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KonQuest Scrubsicle
KonQuest Scrubsicle

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PostSubject: Re: A tactic i think is good   Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:56 pm

Not to be destroying or demolishing you or this idea, but it's pure idiocy.

Pure skill owns above all, spending lots of time to namechange or lvl an alt, could've been spend on gaining skill. such as aim, swordskill, teamwork. it's just a new way to fool yourself.
all the idiots in cw that think they get better, are idiots. lol, if they get better, it's only psychological, the ONLY difference it makes is that you mix their pings and then mislead. other than that, if you spend time getting skill instead of spend time making twins like them, you would beat them.

Ok, maybe i did just destroy it lol.

EDIT: also that prems make it easier is wrong, pmeds makes it easier, but the point of gunz isnt to make everything easier. i would not admire a clan that got rank 1 pmedding, running, and may i add probably ego/flaming for no reason/nothing to back it up, as much as i would admire some1 who got rank 10 or 20 doing no run, no pmeds, no insane premium pioneers or anything cheap like that, i wouldn't care if they egoed either, because people like that have true skill, and usually they can back up their ego/flame.
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KonQuest Pro
KonQuest Pro

Posts : 85
Join date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: Re: A tactic i think is good   Wed Sep 10, 2008 3:18 am

umm k? atleast support me idea.. not trash ur bs into my ideas.. lets see u make up an idea k?

and btw... who the fux are u
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PostSubject: Re: A tactic i think is good   

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A tactic i think is good
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